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 Gold Income And Further Suggestions!

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PostSubject: Gold Income And Further Suggestions!   Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:12 pm

Since we cannot alch items such as rune or spawnable gear. We need a better way to get large amounts of gold. Kamil provides 250k per kill which is great however all the other bosses suck. If possible it would be a good idea to remove the drops that are spawn-able and convert them into a gold drop in which is the alch price.

For example say you get 20k from alching a rune plate, instead of the rune plate drop we get 20k. The main reason for this is the scales which we can buy and because zulrah drops a very low amount per kill its hard to maintain a high upkeep of scales.

Further suggestions:
-Remove the Kamil items from the pkp store (e.g Claws, Kodai Wand, Maul) And replace them with items such as Abyssal Dagger, Bludgeon or implement a boss in which we can kill to get these items like the Abyssal Sire.
-Fix the issue with not being able to buy skill capes from the store.
-Increase the price for the barrows sets in the pkp store, Especially for dmm players if possible.
-Add Smoke Devils or access to them if they are already in the game (Drops Occult Neckless, and Pet).
-Add remaining raid items such as Twisted Buckler, Dhin's Bulwack. In addition new prayers?
-Add Demonic Gorilla's to the npc kill log.
-Add pet drop rates to the ::Drops Command.
-Add Serpentine Mutagens or the Mutagen helm as a separate drop to zulrah.
Question: Is there a way to get access to the coloured slayer helms?
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Gold Income And Further Suggestions!
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